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Inspire your learners with Young Editors

Welcome to the Barrington Stoke Young Editors Scheme!

We really value feedback from our readers, and Young Editors provides a fantastic opportunity for them to get involved and have a real impact on our publishing process.

Involvement is free and provides a fun experience both for the whole class or smaller groups, promoting reading confidence and engagement. Download manuscripts before they are published, send us feedback, and help shape the final book.

Sign-up below or head to the ‘How it Works’ section to find out more.


Feedback closes 26th June


A brilliant scheme in which the reluctant readers themselves become editorial consultants … Active participation in the production process gives the children an enhanced interest in and sense of ownership of the books. 


How it Works

Using the Young Editors Scheme is simple and free:

Register and access at least two pre-publication manuscripts each term

Download your chosen manuscripts and share them with your child or student(s)

Use our questionnaire to help shape the discussion and feedback

Send us the feedback by the deadline to contribute to our publishing process 

We’ll contact you when the books are published and your Young Editors can see their feedback in action!

Students always get a lot out of this, and are enthused by reading something that no one else has read yet! … We have done this scheme with English classes, tutor groups, and learning support services and all staff involved have found it to be a very worthwhile exercise … I cannot stress enough how much we value this scheme.



Step-by-step guide to using the Young Editors Scheme
Detailed instructions for using the site with your child or student(s)

Young Editors questionnaire
Questionnaire for guiding reader feedback (applicable to all manuscripts)

Tips and tricks: what to look for as an Editor
Tricks of the trade to help your child or student(s) read like editors

It is hugely important to us at Barrington Stoke that our books are as accessible and enjoyable as possible for our readers. We absolutely love receiving comments through the Young Editors Scheme, which we study and reflect on very carefully. It is an invaluable source of feedback, and an important part of our process, as it gives readers a chance to let us know what they most enjoy about the books but also what they think we could do better.



Where do I start?

Click on the Log in/Register button at the top of the page and fill out the registration form with your details. A member of our team will approve your account and you will then be able to log in and access all available titles. Download our step-by-step guide for further information.

Is there a limit to how many times we can take part?

No, there is no limit.

Should we tell you about typos and errors?

Yes, please do!

Why does an adult have to sign up for the service?

The unpublished manuscripts are copyright works subject to protection under legislation and we require an adult to agree to the terms and conditions, which are legally binding.

May an adult provide feedback on a manuscript?

We are happy to hear from dyslexic adults or adults with other reading difficulties who wish to review the readability of a manuscript, and for adults to support children in taking part in the scheme. However, we do not seek feedback of an editorial nature from adults — our priority is the feedback of children and young people.

Why is the upload link for feedback no longer there?

You have missed the closing date for the manuscript. In order to ensure the Young Editors scheme genuinely feeds into our editorial process, we require feedback before our editing process is complete.

Can we find out how my child’s/students’ comments influenced the book?

Unfortunately we cannot offer individual feedback of this type. Many different people feed in to the final text, and all of their input is valued. However, it can be an excellent follow up exercise to compare the finished book with your original feedback and we’ll let you know when the books are published.

May I submit my own manuscript for consideration for publication?

No, thank you. Barrington Stoke does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you would like to find out more please read our blog post ‘Why we don’t have a slush pile.

A brilliant scheme in which the reluctant readers themselves become editorial consultants … Active participation in the production process gives the children an enhanced interest in and sense of ownership of the books.



Please first refer to our FAQs, as your queries may be answered there.

You can call the Barrington Stoke office on 0131 225 4113. Write to us at Barrington Stoke, 18 Walker Street, Edinburgh EH3 7LP. Or fill out the contact form below and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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