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I don't understand what to do!

Click on the Resources link on the left to download a step-by-step guide to using the scheme.

Why is there no manuscript available to me/why do I not have a wider choice of manuscripts?

The Young Editors Scheme is linked to the Barrington Stoke publishing programme and is structured to ensure that young people are only able to access manuscripts appropriate to their age-group and abilities. Occasionally our schedule will be such that we are focussing on manuscripts for particular age-ranges for some weeks - for example, we may only have very low reading-age novels for teenagers in the system. Do check back as the schedule moves rapidly and an appropriate manuscript will soon become available - you can also use the 'contact' link to the left to ask for an alert when this happens. (Please note that teachers working with single-gender groups may have access to fewer manuscripts than those working with mixed groups, and those with particular sensitivities, e.g. faith concerns, will have access to a limited range).

I have feedback ready but the upload link for the manuscript has gone!

You have missed the closing date for the manuscript. In order to ensure the Young Editors scheme genuinely feeds into our editorial process, we require feedback before our edit process is complete. Publishing works on strict deadlines and this is a good learning point for your child or student(s)!

You can still post us hard-copy feedback and receive certificates for your child/student(s) but please be aware that your feedback may be too late to influence the editing of the manuscript.

I work with different groups - how can I select more than one age-level etc?

The scheme is designed to ensure that young readers can only access age-, gender- and level-appropriate content.

This policy ensures that young children do not accidentally access teenage content, teenagers are not offered 'baby' stories, and able children are not presented with specialist, low reading-age materials not suitable for review by young people reading at level.

We understand that this segmentation means that teachers working with a wide variety of ages and levels may experience some frustration.

No account will allow you to access primary and secondary material simultaneously. If you work with both primary and secondary children, you may create two different accounts under different e-mails. Do please use your own name.

In other fields, we recommend that you designate your group as MIXED, LESS ABLE and NO SENSITIVITIES - this will allow you to see all available resources for the age-group. Please do ensure that you read manuscripts prior to working with your students to ensure that these are suitable.

I don't have a scanner - how can I scan you a manuscript?

The easiest way to scan multiple pages of a document is on a photocopier with a document feed and a scan function. Many school offices have these machines (scanning with a copier does not use paper or toner and there is no cost). Members of the public may be able to access a machine of this type at a local library. If you cannot access one, please post the marked-up manuscript to Young Editors Scheme, Barrington Stoke, 18 Walker Street, Edinburgh EH3 7LP. Please do not fax manscripts to us.

What’s in it for us?

Hundreds of teachers and parents tell us that our consultancy scheme turned their pupils and children on to reading by providing them with a sense of purpose and a sense of self-worth. Many of these young people did not view themselves as readers, but the idea that a publishing company and an author considered their views important enough to influence a book made them revise this opinion.

Madelyn Travis of national agency Booktrust explained the benefits of the scheme as follows: ‘active participation in the production process gives the children an enhanced interest in and sense of ownership of the books even before they are published.’

My pupils/child took part in the consultancy scheme before 2013 and received an acknowledgement in the back of the book and a free copy. Why is this no longer offered?

We believe that it's the taking part that counts. Under the new scheme far more Young Editors can inform the development of the books, as the original policy of including consultants’ names in books and providing all consultant children with a free copy severely restricted the numbers able to take part. The scheme became massively over-subscribed and many would-be consultants were disappointed. We are delighted to be able to make the scheme much more widely available by offering this streamlined and extended version. We also hope that teachers and parents will print off the certificates for participants as recognition of their hard work.

Can we find out how my child’s/students’ comments influenced the book?

Unfortunately we cannot offer individual feedback of this type. Many different people feed in to the final text, and all of their input is valued.

Is there a limit to how many times we can take part?

No, there is no limit.

Why does an adult have to sign up for the service?

The unpublished manuscripts are copyright works subject to protection under legislation and we require an adult to sign up to the terms and conditions, which are legally binding.

May an adult provide feedback on a manuscript?

We are happy to hear from dyslexic adults or adults with other reading difficulties who wish to review the readability of a manuscript, and for adults to support children in taking part in the scheme. We do not seek feedback of an editorial nature from adults – our priority is the feedback of children and young people.

Should we tell you about typos and errors?

Yes, please – and please accept our thanks in advance!

May I submit my own manuscript for consideration for publication?

No, thank you. Barrington Stoke does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.